When you want
the light and warmth,
but gray-black smoke
to billow
up and forth,
where it will rise
away from you,

Proceed, with care,
to stoke the fire
and build it up
with ample force,

but keep your mind
away from chilling
storm and mire,
so, you stay clear,
and know what else
you next must do.

so that
you don’t forget–
the sum of your desires
you check
the fire’s changing size
to see
no hands, nor clothes
nor household furnishings will sear,

and while you’re in
this action groove,
you make the move
to well ensure
you’ll warm up
with sufficient air–

You bend and grab
and move the metal handle lever–
Ah! Now that’s better!–
The air comes through. . .

All because you have remembered
and simply opened up the flue!

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