there’s lots of good
in being busy,
but too, there is a need,
to round it out with spirit food,
the kind you only get to eat
in the mode of free and easy,

to get things done,
and help someone
can feel so much better
than having all he mental chatter
that you should,
while you still put it off,
and kick yourself
for being
what you label “lazy,”
which, even more
than rigid busy-ness
is bound to
work you
to a tizzy.

be active
AND adaptive,

and take,
if you find
that you should need,
a good little respite,
including even maybe
the allowance
to let one refreshing nap live,

and don’t be so wound up
you find you crank no flour through
what you’ve failed to notice
is a rusty, sticky cracked sieve,

but don’t let the boredom
board you so up
into a shrinking corner vapid,
that you are well apt to explode
and proceed to interlope,
in each place wreaking pure havoc,

though the balance-push-and-pull
twixt busy-ness
and time to chill
can feel like wrestling
with a bull,

with practice
at it,
your soul
comes to feel more full,
in pleasure and in profit,
and likely,
you one day will find
the dance you dance
around the two
has become
a joyful,
life-sustaining habit.

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