Get serious.

For, if you don’t
chances may be
that, if you die,
no one will sigh,
nor fall upon their knee
and go delirious.

Though you may think
the cause for your existence
is quite spurious,
if you would pause,
melt through resistance,
and get to work,

and dare to play
your own best card,
engage those
legs and feet,
teeth and jaws,
hands, fingers, brains
your shining being
whole, complete,
and choose, at last,
to roll up sleeves–

this is hard,
but it need not be injurious,

to do the best
you can,
much more than
you would have believed
there ever was,
inside of you,

it’s then
that the fruits of what you do
may come, through sweat
and ample grace,

to you
and your beloved others, too,
into a brand new, age-old shining place,
though it’s really very simple,
feels utterly luxurious.

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