If God were you,
and you were God,

and your people
got all prayerful,

their praises would feel awful nice–
and thank yous, too–

but, of petitions,
begs and pleas,
you’d also tend
to get an earful.

Your answers
could not be slipshod,
ought not be picked,
(sure not, by God)
by chance coin flip
or roll of dice,

what for a certain bear
is right
may not be so
for the whole lair-ful.

But, on this, don’t fret your pretty head,
nor for
the warmth and heat and light
should you squint
your moved and flooded eyes
against the glareful.

I would suggest,
better instead
to ask
not, “What if you were?”
nor “What if God was you?”,

But rather
“What if you ARE
in power,
now and here-ful?”

Stop, think.
Feel, see
and hear
and own
both plea and squeal
and toss and turn,
and each booming
or unspoken
from deep within
your present, mortal incarnation.

choose you best
how to respond
from your endless font of love
that streams so clear and wise and careful.

And act with gentleness and verve
to heed that blessèd word of God
from next heartbeat
and with next breath
that comes
your being to caress
as lungs breath out until they’re empty
and then expand to get an airful.

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