Raise periscope,

if you find
you’re growing hope,
leave safe walls of sub behind,
for a cool dive,
and instead,
bob head.

Swing your sight
from left to right,
and far (and near)
and wide,

above the surface,

scan the span
to see what lacks,
and, too, what surfeits,

Choose which
of all of this
you seek to mend,

pike and bob up
your tail end
to dive back in,
thus back to your vital work
to swim!

Be bold, be brave–
it won’t get old,
if, from time to time,
from deep, you rise,
adjust your eyes,
and check direction,
in air, respire,
and realign
and stoke the fire
that lets you stalk
your current, wise evolving goals,

and know,
if you stay true
to your own life,
and Life’s own flow,
it will feel and be right,
and you and your entire world
are absolutely bound to win.

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