Ommmmm. . . .
Which Chakra’s
in my tummy-tum?–

You know,
that one
that drums
quite sadly,

since the running
rain and gray
went quick away,
and now, again,
they come?

Which chakra’s
spinning in my brain,
so fast
it renders me
quite lame. . .

and makes me lose
at my own game?

How will I
bravely undertake
this vicious spinning
then, to tame?

Which chakra’s spinning
in my feet,
that touch the mud and earth
where they sink in,
according to my weight and girth–

the stabilizing and the driving
one that lets me free
so that I may
my mother-maker meet,
yet still drudge toward
a spring rebirth,
that comes another time,

Which chakra’s spinning
in my tail?–

And which, above that end,
in my entrails?

One reaches down,
hooks up with deepest life–

the other,
fuels my blood and guts
and is at its very best
whene’er I let
myself succumb
to doing something
nourishing and right.

And, then,
besides these things,

I see two more,
of which I’ll sing. . .

the one poised at
my very top
sits at the lid
a little stretch
above the box
that makes my noise,
and shields me
from high heavens,
and from God. . .

And then,
the one whose spiral
from that inimitably deep,
strong fire well
that pools within a heart that throbs
with gripping of
the thickest web
of strings and rings
that starts my pulse,
and gives me oomph
and wherewithal
to merge me thus
with Earth, with Sea,
and all the wondrous, shiny things
that do the endless dark of Sky fill. . .

with Good, with God,
with Nothingness–

and too,
with all–
with every tiny and great thing
and absolutely

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