the things that drag you down
unless they keep you flound’ring round–

And remember
that even dying fires
have bright-potentialed embers,

when it gets down to the wire,
know well when to reactivate
and when, for a necessary spate
to rest,

when to resource-seek and -gather,
when to release,
and feel
how in the course
of doing each
you’re wholly blessed

So that you
navigate each straight
and curve
with grace and ease,
and, in case of need,
with a bit of extra verve,

in whatever way
is destined to
bring forth
your sweet breathing, loving
brilliant, shining best.

breathe your lungs
free of the past,
so they may take
whatever comes,

and get prepared to take the plunge. . .

then go!–
and put your biggest, brightest dreams
to the life-giving test.

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