It hurts.

Okay, I know,
but please,

Don’t die.

Forget the why nots. . .

and fix your eyes
on your sweet why’s. . .
those things
that prompt your heart to sing
and you to bring your all,
and add to that,
your best wherewith.

Right now, I’m sure,
as you may feel,
things could sure be better,
but remember
they could also be much worse,

take good time
to take stock,
not so much
on being stuck
between that hard place
and that rock,
but more
on what you want, first.

begin to pick
the way you want to walk,

and, when you trip,
or else, get lost,

don’t quit–
pick yourself up,
and, if you need directions,
dare to ask,

and then continue on
and walk along
till you have found
a whole new stride.

No need to cry-
the thing you lack’s
the thing
that teaches you
just what to give.

So, take a breath,
a moment’s rest–
restore yourself. . .

Then, give. . .

That’s the path
where you
abundantly receive,

when, in yourself
and in the world
and the Power
of life through time
that allows the sum of all
right to unfurl,

when you’re all in
to give whatever
you do have
within your reach
and deep within,
be it straight up
or fancy wrapped.

And if you think
you have no thing
at all
that’s fit to bring
to any,
be they short or tall,

try to recall
some things may look
too holey or too small,
as a tiny candle
lit with wish
becomes a prayerful,
powerful votive. . .

and a funny can
with a base that’s full of holes
can do good service
as a sieve.

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