and wait.

and spectate.

There’s much to learn
and so much fun
in all that stuff
that you have done,
in your time
lived in that crate.

what would follow
if, for a change,
you’d navigate
around that curve
that’s been unknown to you
as of this date?

I know–
it would likely
take some nerve,
but it might get
broader, deeper,
higher, cleaner,
and it could well be
the grass ’round there
actually is greener
than over here,
where your demeanor
keeps you more
a mere pipe dreamer.

So, maybe it’s worth
the risk to steer
around that curve,
where you can open
up that gate,
and you can drop
your groping coping
and have a real shot
at a life
where you are led
not by mere hoping,
but by following
a deep-laid plan
that in your eyes and heart
and feet
is undoubtedly first-rate.

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