there’s much more there
than you
may know,
or in your wildest dreams
may think,

Just take a sec. . .

let go the muscles
in your neck. . .

take a breath. . .

Let ride on it
each precious layer
of your awareness,

and loose that from
your head’s tense hum,

so it,
through lungs,
and tummy,
heart and gut,
does stretch the reach
of conscious mind and thought,

till that
way to your pinky toes
does sink,

Whence life then spreads,
and smoothly flows
and spans the surface,
length and breadth,
of each unique, footprinted sole,

the smart, soft skin
on which
you solidly can stand,

and to that deep,
hardworking pump
that powers every capillary
in each last finger
of your hands,

disbursing warmth
till all parts work
in supplest sync,

And, no matter what
your adversary brings
as opposition,
or reprimand,

You will do
quite all
you need to do,
in pursuit
of your bright vision,

and e’er do you,
in doing so,
stay tall and loving,
calm and true,

come fiery hell
or water high,
or penetrating evil eye,
though it seduce
with flirty blink,

no matter what
life, the world or they
will put you through,
you’ll stand quite sure
it won’t be you
who’ll ever be
the first to blink.

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