Drop the hesitation. . .

Quit the tortured,
stuck kvetch. . .

And enter in
your fluid process of creation–

Dare let go
the “How? How? How?”. . .

Take one deep breath,
inner centering,
to allow,

Think, “Ready, Set. . .”
Do! Do! Do! . . .

For it’s only then
’twill be
the path rolls forth
to fully show
itself to you. . .

And once you see,
you’ll find the way,
maybe so easily
you won’t even have
to vow
(or pray),

And the thing
you’ve so long
wanted, waited for
will become yours. . .

So, go!
For it is right within your reach,
not yesterday,
nor at next dawn,
and nor even
slightly far away,

Here, here, here,
Now, Now, Now!

though you are a little scared,

to middle size
that nagging fear
will soon be pared,

once you get started–

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