Don’t give in.
This body
and this world
you live in,
they may live slow
but they ARE alive.

If to and fro
their forces
your spirit
each which way,
and ruthless,
to the winds,
to throw,

so you can’t help
but feel
it’s time to yield,
retract yourself,
go numb,
succumb. . .

when, in fact,
for you to conjure up a better option,
all you really need to do
is just take five.

that stretch
of so few minutes,
as long as you stay breathing in it,
will be enough
to make a difference
seeming infinite,

for it allows you
to uncurl your body bowed
to straighten out
and choose a better road,

on which you ditch
the mode
of merely vying to survive,
once you just leave
that busy hive

and learn to find your
own true path
where you
with grace and ease
do thrive.

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