Find a way
just to accept

the volume
and the quality,
however it may be,
of your one and only

For it
is crucial
from the start
the way
it feeds you,
pleads you
the way it moves
your beat of heart.

That very simple, little act
called breath
that started
on that happy day
your outer earthly
life began,

which can
well be expected
to keep your fire enacted
until the day
you leave this
watery blue marble
in the greater, wider sky,
a day,
which, to many other
earthly eyes,
is understood
to bring your death.

Whether that be so
or no,

both here and yonder,
your breath’s a thing
that keeps
the many vital parts of you,
with respect to one another,
from being set asunder.

And, as such,
it is a blessed miracle
and wonder,
whose warmth
and moisture,
you can feel
as its clear signature,
even though it is an act of air
you can’t exactly touch,

Yet, it is one
you still can cherish
for all the slice of time
you walk upon this solid earth,

and maybe whatever pieces of eternity
before and after
you personally
do also get,
which of your splendid, magic life
will constitute the rest.

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