Courage is always needed.
Every day.
Even to do the things
you thought you would do,
could do,

Yes, even from the day’s get-go,
the simple act
in which you roll,
and stand up on your own two feet,
arising from the hay.

And even more
must you be brave
if you would move
ahead of
absolutely any well-established curve
or wave,
though, to do so
may sometimes frighten you inside,
as deep and deep as fear can go.

But when tonight’s sun
sets to dark,
and thanks and prayers come also
in their smooth and daily arc,
your courage and your bravery
in honoring your stated aims
without excessive wavering,

will very prove to be
not just for you,
but for the wider world, too,
a very worthy enterprise,
that in, the end,
does come to pay.

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