Value in. . .
+++++use, pleasure,
+++++for work, for play,
+++++for rest, for leisure,

value in
+++++long duration
+++++wear, tear, obsolete,
+++++gone from whole
+++++or complete
+++++to pieces missing,
+++++or whole thing broken. . .

the value’s
+++++gone from black to red,
+++++having shed
+++++the purpose
+++++for which it used to be
+++++a useful token,

what once had worth
+++++now lingers on as but a shell,

so that,
where there once came value in,
+++++good time and space have intervened,
+++++there’s memories formed
+++++of what has been,
+++++without a doubt,

+++++but there also comes a time
+++++not to be found
+++++by hasty stopping on a dime,

+++++which, in advance,
+++++maybe not even time nor you
+++++can really tell,
+++++when the shell will well have served
+++++the sum of time it could serve well,

and though ‘tmay also feel
+++++a time to mourn and pout,

+++++where that value once came in,
+++++the best worth spin
+++++that you can win
+++++will be from the bet
+++++that you then place
+++++on putting
+++++garbage out.

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