Oh, dear!
What do I have to do?

Well. . .

There’s really very little
that I absolutely
have to

At least,
there’s always “Die!”,
as a possible alternative
instead of “Do!”

if I really want to live,
instead of rest,
in peace,
there’s actually stuff
that’s on my path
to do.

Push comes to shove–
although I, now and then,
may ask your view,
and do appreciate your mind,
your gestures kind,
and shows of love,

it’s up to me
to choose each task,
not meaning to be uppity,
but because,
even if I ask your help,
in the end,
it’s up to me
(not you)
to steer
where I am going to,

For I am mother
of the vision–
for it I’ll gladly suffer
much derision,

And even if no single other
its value or its purpose
manages to get,

it’s the thing
I know
I must pursue–
it makes me sing. . .

even if it never blooms,
I will have started something beautiful,
and seen it far enough into its life,
that the entire enterprise
will well have proved
a brilliant, and a very worthy bet.

In peace I’ll face
my long day’s end,
in solid knowledge
that I to it kept steady faith so dutiful
which lets me, sweetly satisfied,
turn out the light.

Still, I will see,
this truth beats in the heart of me
and rides
the fall and rise that are my every breath:

I gave, I gave, I gave
+++++by day,
++++++++++my all, my life, my soul,
++++++++++to build it, grow it, make it whole,
+++++by night,
++++++++++my dreams, my love, my hugs,
++++++++++my crooning of soft lullabies. . .
+++++in short,
++++++++++my absolutely, simple, straight
++++++++++and also convolutely dimple-shaped
++++++++++best, doggone college try.

And I will fall asleep with joy
knowing that I gave that babe
I wanted to bring to the world
my very, very best.

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