If the fact
were in any way ensurable
that silliness, is in fact,
quite curable,
would it be wise
to try to wipe the world
of that giggly, wiggly, lighter guise?. . .

More than a few
get so delirious
in their stance of being
absolutely serious,
that there answer to this query
without a moment’s doubt or worry
would ring resoundingly
(I guess).

what about the rest of us?

Could it be we’d rather
risk a, “No!”?

Would it maybe be better,
instead of curing silliness,
to hope
or our fervent intention to invoke
that, for the duration,
of the length we might anticpate
with our best mental machinations,
that despite, the danger
to our laughing, bursting sides,
that weren’t under any warranty
to swear they would be durable,
we still would see,
even through a merciless silly blitz,
our way to cope?–

even though the sillies
usually catch you by surprise,
for which ground,
they are a force
that mostly, for us,
proves not to be inurable,

they also actually
can mend
perhaps even better
than they can stress
or our sides rend,
and the feel of soaking them right in
can be peerlessly pleasurable.

And, if all that stands,
as life unwinds,
the silly-tides’
at times high levels
would not, in fact, be apt
our hearts, guts and minds
too grossly to dishevel,
it seems, then, thus,
quite very likely,
that we will find
that all that unhinged silliness
somehow, when all is tallied,
in the end,
will prove quite well
to be endurable.

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