Just be there. . .

This stickly moment
seems to you,
as you are in it,
so mucked up
that it’s hard as it can get,

even if the muck is really
very far
from infinite. . .

But, if you’d heed me
for just a tiny minute,
I’d say,

Reduce your rush–
brake it to slow. . .

when you tune in
to you,
you’ll find you know
this life is wide–
there’s many ways
that you can spin it,

And though the vast-
or narrow-seeming
span of choice
can starve your heart,
with options
dreadful few and far apart,
or overwhelm
in hammered, loud cacophony
as though each cell of you
had its pet path,
and whole soul song,
set by and for
its own distinct,
strong, disparate voice.

And you are quite beside yourself
for your heart and thoughts
feel that they drown
in all the noise. . .

But there’s a part of you
and times
that are already better
through both
desert dry
and gray cold sky,
filled winter wet.

And yes,
good things can come
to those who wait,
or who work and play
in patience,
sure something right
will manifest,
though they can’t always say
if that takes short or long.

With that in mind,
if not in sight,
there is no need to choose
your best next card,
or discern twixt right and wrong
(well, not just yet. . .)

Allow your frame
to have its air.

if you still
are not yet game
for even that,
since it, right now,
seems way too hard,
then take a sec—
+++++Be still. . .
+++++++++++++++Relax. . .
+++++++++++++++++++++++++Just be.

And from your core,
you’ll surely see
+++++wise. . .
+++++++++++++++and very clear. . .
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++and justly,
what exactly
from that grows–

The bigger it gets
the more you’ll see,
and say,
“Wow, how marvelous!
My life now very plainly shows
it’s given and lived
in just the way
that truly is
the best for me. . .”

And that newly-free, strong growing being
may very well soon prove to be
be incomparable
a wondrous force
to blunt the point
of all the sharp

a life form hid,
so long unseen,

that your deep soul
already knows
that shines anew
so bright for you
as you’ll finally recall,
a thousand times
more bright than gold:
+++++Your dream,
+++++++++++++++your love,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++your life–
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++your destiny.

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