What’s in your way–
what you feel,
what you know,
what you think–

whether it is fake
or real,
feel its value,
feel its life,
feel its glow,
love it well,
bless it
for all the gifts it gives. . .

Then, let it shrink. . .

And hold it in, tiny,
in your loving hand,
and move it
with your soft-curved palm
and press it
right up against your heart,

There let it sink,
to penetrate
and meld like bleeding ink
with the blood in your heartbeat. . .

Then, let it live
in that new and welcome
place in you,
as an integral piece of you,
the you-in-progress
fleshing slowly out
like a
changing piece of art. . .

And allow for a new peace in you,
a base from which
the aching latent dream in you
feels free, relieved,
and eager,
as it finally gets its chance from you
to live in peace
and play its proper current role
in your new, vital growing start.

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