Monday. . .
Make it pay
in the very most
important-to-you way.

Set your sights
on the scintillating
bright and lofty heights–

Take aim,
enjoy the ride,
design the rules
and nature of the game.

For now’s your time,
and on the question
of how from now
you want your life
to go,
you surely are the one
who has the final say.

So, look into your heart,
and see the route
to the as-yet-to-be
where you may one day get to be,
the why-withal within your heart
for which it’s bothered still to beat.

And claim
the ecstasy
that is already yours,
and which you’re sure one day
to celebrate in spades,

When you but make
that simple choice
from your inmost, truest voice,

and start on what you need to do
to get to where you want to go,

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