When something’s really
really, really, really

Stop pleasing.
Protest. Speak true.
“NOPE!– That is NOT on the money.”

Break the blocks–
feel the feelings
hidden, dark,
those ones that tend
to crowd right out
the ones more warm and sunny.

so much has been given you–
no judgment here,
just compassion
for your heart
so true,

and when you admit
the source of light
and thus become
a conduit
for it
and for the swirl
of earthy mud below
twined thick,
and tight
with what’s above
in heaven’s endless starry curl,

you’ll find
a useful general rule
to which you had been blind:

if you want
to catch some flies,
you will succeed
more than the folks
who bait with lye,
if you, instead,
lay some sweet drops
of golden, glistening honey.

And what you want
starts to unfurl. . .

And that is really
what is real,
although, at times,
to certain ears
it sounds a little funny.

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