Do not go gentle
into that good winter. . .

Wear good gloves
and you’ll reduce
the chance your paws
will snag their skin
upon a splinter.

Don’t be too quiet,
find, spend time with folks
that make you laugh
good, loud, and hard
because they truly
are a riot.

Allow the cool
and wet and dark
with their swift days
and mystery ways
to help you ,
as deep into
your core
you do descend–
down in the realms
of heart and spirit,
with a bit of fear,
not knowing what’s in store
with, as your guide,
your imperfect
conscious and unconscious
powers physical and mental. . .

Cherish the past,
prize the present,
and revel in the vision of the future
that God has wisely
through you sent. . .

Let go the who and what,
that for seeming eons
you’ve held stuck
in your wise gut,
of all that’s been and happened
that you still resent,
but have let fester, silent. . .

And just be easy,
strong, and clear–
the unpacked natural you–
and, to that very deepest self inside,
be wholly true,

put on a set
of warmest cozy clothes
in your very favorite hue,

prepare the chimney,
and dry pile of tinder,
so you will have a place
to warm your toes
before the fire
you can build
from one first glowing cinder,

after a satisfying outing
blushing your whole face
till it bright and happy glows,
when your body
has, with bravery,
trekked a little stint
into the sparkling,
snow-draped lands
of hinter.

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