When sadness,
fear and anger
a few years long
(or even longer)
don’t get felt
or heard or said,
and then get heaped
with clutter, instead,

they will just
lie there,
seeming tacit,

in every act
that some illicit
part of you
does in ill-willed subterfuge
to sabotage
not just any,
but the parts of you
sent straight from God,
these feelings are complicit. . .

and all your well-laid plans they screw,
with one toss swift into the works
of a sticky, well-aimed shoe,
with much more power
than any outside force
could possibly elicit. . .

And it will take
a different part of you
to face them,
turn them to
a new-shaped messy mess,
and persevere
in the rough scuffle,
though it might result
in way deep pain release
and stark, extreme upheaval. . .

through a way of trial and error,
you’ll have cleared
the space you need for you
and quelled the rage, the grief, the terror,
so they shrink to gladder, smaller size,
and live honored
in your fresher heart
whose new ease
you see in shining eyes and smiles
there in your mirror,

For in sorting through
that swamp,
you’ll have cleared the glare
of harsh judgment
that lived way, way,too long there,
and you’ll have freed the field
inside of you,
where changed your
state of weather,
steady, slow,
from foul to fair,

and you’ll finally see yourself,
your life,
your room, your blessings
much more clear,
and have good ground
to stand upon,
from which you
continue on,

on a journey
like you’ve never known–

whatever best life
you can dream,
your brand-new reality
will up that
up one better.

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