Think of wonders. . .

graceful light,

that elicit
tears, warm feelings, and delight. . .

sun slung in a much lower cant,
than when nearer summer solstice
our days ran. . .

ambient power supporting purging
all those things
that in our lives,
have had their day,
but no longer stay
in ease and grace along the ride,

breathing still-emitting warmth
from the pavement,
ground and trees
in our last stretch
before comes in
the chill and storm,

things morphed drier,
into different forms,
where were sprouts, seeds,
and lush spring blossoms,

upon each branch
we now see bake and and slowly desiccate
chameleon colored
bright fall leaves
that crisp to brown,

plus many other wonders,
not just these–

if you want ’em,
get out there,
look every which way,
and you will feel and smell and see
and enfold them in your arms–
for it’s a basic certainty
that autumn’s got ’em.

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