There is a wordless feeling
when you bet your heart’s
about to break,
and fear ’twill fill with love
and grow so big,

its ventricles reach down to dig,
and with wit and love deep to sound out
fall’s fresh, thick, rain-fed mud,

and atria stretch up to scout
right through the smooth curved sky
in lines like soaring, vaulted ceilings,
which leave wide rainbows in their wakes.

This heart expansion
bids blood in,
accepting life and keen new eyes.

You can’t help
but be hit by surprise,
and this savage, sudden change
stirs deep-held tears
that beg to rise
and form a salve
+++++to heal your heart,
+++++so it lives stronger
+++++with each beat
with the sightless, seamless
skillful, loving cure it makes.

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