the cat.’

Gee- who said that?
I guess
someone from a some big city,
and, though the saying’s really pithy,
I’ll guess
such a one would tend to have
an iffy tic
of broad verbosity.

choose with care
just where to stick your eyes and nose. . .

But once you have,
sometimes it’s best
to leave them there
most first sights and sounds
fall quite far short
of how any complete story goes. . .

And many such
quick-snuck peeks and whiffs
on the part of those
who all too quickly think
they’ve had enough
cannot expose
whatever’s there,
in all its shining luminosity. . .

So, if you fear
to longer test
the scary-looking,
unfamiliar smelling
thinking they will be a mess,

you may just miss
the very thing
you came here for,
which, in abundance,
you’d receive,
and as much give,
in the very freest flow
of endless generosity.

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