some think it is
a simple little gift
of whimsy. . .

But there are times
when it pours out
from the highest Divine Source
a gentle and restoring force,

which ne’er had come
if you’d tight gripped to steer
each and every tidbit
of the course. . .

But, since, instead,
when came low tide,
you let love
fill you, toe to head,
so much so,
the feeling is completely new.

Astonished deep,
you stand dumbstruck. . .
And, in that moment
you shrink, shy. . .

But, still, you risk
to kick into a confident,
brisk, brand-new stride
whose strangeness
you deem best to abide–

Since, now you feel
that true and easy flow
that rolls right through
from generous Infinity.

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