Be awesome.
And then be held
in honest, humble awe
as one would feel
before some mighty tree,
which, prudent, for the good of all,
is felled,
with swift, sad whacks of clean-edged axe
or the loud and buzzing gnawing
of a whirring saw. . .

Yes, then–
be held,
held in the awe of many–
not the least of which
is the one who speaks
inside of you,
whose desires both whimsical and deep
you eat, you breathe, you sleep,
you know,
even desires you neither tell nor show
to any friend
or enemy.

be held
in the very greatest awe
of the very one
whose skin of lips you well perceive
spread, stretched to smile
across your bump-and-crevice teeth–

and feel
the brand new sense of ease,
as you let go
all defenses and pretenses
of your strong, hard working jaw.

For you’re the number one
among all those
through whom
all Good
in to you
and out from you
has to come–

And once you allow yourself
to recognize
and claim this true identity
and shed your dated,
self-protective guise,
it is the flow you’ll naturally live
is you give, receive,
receive and give–

that is the beautiful
and quite immutable
diurnal and eternal law.

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