Let the love
just let you do it
though you say, “UGGGH!”
and doubt
you have the needed strength
to get you through it.

Give to yourself
and your own hand
a gentle stroke,
a little kiss,
your mustered gratitude
for all you have,
a knowing and an attitude
that lays the bedrock confidence
that plenty’s yours
and naught’s amiss,

and, as on a wonder journey nautical,
good things will come
from port, from stern,
from starboard, aft,
even if you pause
for a sabbatical,
from oh so very many ways,
if you could even
dream them all
you’d deeply smile
and let out
one big belly laugh,

to see the possibilities ahead
that you can stream,
and the invincibility
that’s on your team,
that brings in view
a better, brighter life
for you. . .

one which you
really, truly always had,
but could not feel,

since you felt sure
life needed to be strife for you
and you really could not see
to wield the deep and vasty power
made manifest
there, here,
all right through you,

though wielding it
was a capacity
that lurked there asleep
inside of you
from the time that
now seems long ago
since your earth birth,
with skill
that you have always had,

and, which,
in the brilliant light of knowing it,
you now
still have.

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