your every imperfection. . .

and, to the rich
and gorgeous well
of your own self,
closely attend
at each leg on your road
and, too, at every intersection–

no matter what
and the very course of life
come to insert,
as malicious or unconscious
with their distracting
interjections. . .

this seeming brass cacophony,
though it does not sound the best,
is but a symbol
for the jumbledness
of the One
true and perfect love,
which stands among the best
of philharmonic symphonies,
which our Universe exists to be. . .

And It,
in fact,
are We
(there is no They),
each person, beast,
and sprout of green
and stone of gray,

in our
as yet unrecognized
all part of God’s quite pure perfection–

And our key task
to manifest this recognition
requires not so much
a grand overhaul correction,
as a claiming
and releasing
of the Light
that we already are,

so we can slowly grow to shine
ever more brilliant
than our best imagined star,
until we
quite bright reflections
of the very Source of brilliance
not only are,
but also show ourselves to be-
quite superbly shiningly.

The simple stretch we need to make
to part the clouds
that block this Truth
is not so hard or far,

for we were born
as perfect sculpted channels
of the Light,
which optimize
in all directions
Its perfect, undiluted distribution,
while calming bending and refraction.

And this firm fact
can soon be brought
into plain sight–

once we open to the process
that allows us
feel and wield
our awe-inspiring
depth and height broadness,

as we breathe in such a way
that both
allows the flow
and feeds our keen
from the get-go,
so we with grace and ease can take
the necessary actions.

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