Close your eyes. . .

breathe deep into the dark
+++++of your heart’s throbs
+++++and constant flow
+++++of your pulsing, warm insides. . .

Let them fully know
the obstacle–
a long unseen,
but felt,
locked door–

What is the key?–

Be very still,
so you can see
and hear and feel
your here-now, living body breathe,

And sink back in,

each time you float
straight back on up
with each nagging, errant thought,
or bursting sneeze–

Return into
your natal realm
of vibrancy
and ease–

you can feel
and see it there,
the key to loose
that locked tight door,
the portal
from the place
where you now are
to the place
you want to be.

And, no matter
what shape key it is,
stretch or bend,
whatever it takes,
your best,
best effort
to extend. . .

no matter that,
for doing so,
you may be teased
by someone else–
(that’s bad enough)–

or worse,
by some greedy inner voice
in you,
that wants
to you trip you up–

Just go ahead!–
Let fingers grip,
and lift your hand up
high enough
to stick that key
into that creaky knob. . .

And if it seems
too hard to turn,
just act “As if. . .”–

For although
your keen, oiled
former skill
may by now have
grown plenty rust,

if you poke
that heartfound key straight in
and jiggle it ’round,
then soon or late,
that magic motion,
from trust and
ample practice
has a chance
to get refound. . .

So set your mind
on that small key
and use it every day,

though maybe comes
high water,
or the fire of hell,
you have unlocked that door
to breach that place
that in some way,
you always were,
some seven levels up.

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