Cheat, cheat break!
Not one sec
should I really
take. . .

I want to sing a song. . .
is that okay?

All in good time
and place,
so that when I do gaze
right into my glass,
I am able to let
my quite fallible self
in some way
to save face,

even though
at this or that
hour’s chime
I might quite well be feeling
like one big disgrace. . .

Perhaps I will pray,
and strive do my best,
but, still, just in case,
also call on some saint
to eavesdrop
so they can
on my part
intercess. . .

but meanwhile,
in order to,
to mine own self
be impeccably true,
I’ll want to do the thing
I promised me
that I would do,

before the end of evening
heavy eyes and muscles brings,
and I lay down
to the late night star twinkling
and cricket song,

that bathe me, restore me
as if they were for me,
along with
the Earth’s steady turning,
that runs
all night long.

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