Flow go. . .
go away. . .
or, don’t go.

One way
or the other,
what will transpire,
we just don’t know. . .

We are born
of blood and guts
and love
and lust
and earth
and sky
and breath of spirit,

and from
a giant, darkly sparkling place
that spins a vasty sea of stars,
not to mention
other stuff, like comets, quasars,
asteroids, and larger solid balls like Mars,
which oval orbits
+++++’round their sun creator center

We come to earth
to solid-. liquid-, gas-run bodies,
through which we’re slowly ushered in,
gushed red in,
in the way of animalia
of the famous class mammalia,
as primate’s kin, hominidae,
genus homo–
we often scream out
loud and clear,
as if to say,
“It is too cold and bright out here,
No! No!
No! No!
No! NO! No!”
When doctors, midwives pull us out,
assisted by a true boatload
of blaring, stern, cold

From the brilliant infinite,
grand, heady eddies broad and free
to this very puny ball
of air and land and sea
come we,

to telescope to living solid, matter-bound,
which makes us quite, as far as any eye can see,
separate, unique, so much more prone
to feel and test the limits
in our frames of flesh and bone. . .

Can we still flow?
Or, if we need a break,
can we, for a moment,
stop it?

What freedoms
and what happinesses
is it for us possible
to know?

And, if there’s aught
about our God-shaped form
that we don’t like,
is it, within our seeming meek capacity,
to alter, or to crop it?

Ebb and flow
and flow and ebb,
not only waved
from birth to death,
but in
but in countless
nooks and crannies,
in nebulas and galaxies
that swirl ’round
like a pinwheel head.

We are,
just as a star,
a vital and important part
of the great Oneness of all being,
strewn clear from quite near here
to the furthest, unknown far.

As such,
to grow,
we must surrender
to the flow,
but also feel
when it’s simply
what is real,
the need to steer
to slow or speed
its or our pace,

so we may move
in our own power,
boosted by the grace of Grace,

in such a way
that brightens
the whole Universal fire,
and stokes our hearts,
and puts a smile
not just on our
but, too, on many another face,
and eases all
into a greater love and peace,

as we blaze
our untrod trail,
deep to our inmost, secret core,
and out far abroad to the extremities
of our one home we’ve always known,
amid this vast and starry
Universal space.

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