Recall what day
you do now live,
and what hour
of the clock.

When long at sea,
the sun gets hot.
The wind will whip
the boat will rock.
The rain pours wild,
and sometimes violently–

So, when you sail past
some island cove,
amid a bright and blinding sea,
and chance to hear a siren
singing out a calling song,
it is a call
that does not come from God,
The One–
not even from
one of the junior ones, called Jove.

You’ll feel its pull–
it’s very strong
you dream it is the music of the spheres
that rings like crickets through the stars,
and calms all cares
to peace,

You feel quite sure
it will repay you joys
to cancel all your life’s deep sorrows
in arrears–

Or, so you think,
under the spell
of your personal
Achilles heel,
your need for love,
your faith that someone earthly else
can heal you instantly, in full,
and quell your fears.

But, remember–
if you can–
while you are oddly drawn
to this mesmerizing
siren song,
though you may figure,
“What the heck?”
and hope to have a wild tale to tell
some later time,
in retrospect,

perhaps by then you will have lost
the power
twixt safe and dangerous to choose,
under the sultry siren’s hex,
or the power to recall
that it’s well known
the eager ones who listen long
stand much to lose.

Let’s pray that God will save you, then,
infuse your brain
with some thought, oddly unsought,
that prompts you

“Wait a sec!–
I’m sailing here
because I’ve got some place to go,
and while this Odyssey
has been great fun,
it is not worth
myself, my life, my dreams
at this young hour
from my flesh and bones
into oblivion
to throw.”

And, at that time,
you may recall
those sirens
figured in some book
that you once read,
which said
that your own pleasure
and your good
never entered in
the siren’s head.

And suddenly,
you’re very strong,
and you choose
to sail right on,
and let your brightest,
highest thoughts
and loving blood,
revive you through,
and drown right out
the siren’s song.

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