Famous last words:
“I will not (blank).”
(The blank you fill).

Famous beginnings
(of paths bound for
auspicious winnings):
“I will! I will!”
(Whatever it is, the blank you fill).

Now and ever
you’ll have
both you
and the big old Universe
to thank,
for your work together
on how to fill
that “I will” blank,
and for how you rose
above the way
“I will not” goes,

so while your heart
could well have sank,

you chose to stand
and prop it up,
restore its smooth and strong
and slowly pile
an infinite supply
to help the next ones step
from brain-bound low
to heart-untethered, natural high,
which you share free
through the light-filled
vault of love
at the center of your life’s world bank.

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