and dancing
may be fun
and may be cute,

but when
you want
to get somewhere,
from this point A
to that point B,
it may be best
that you think more, at first,
to walk some way
that lets you start
on the right foot–

Not in the sense
of right or left,
but whichever foot
will start you off
the best,
in the direction that you want to go,
in good time,
and with good flow–

But which foot
do you choose
to use?

How will you know?

Before you take
that key first step,
it’s apt
you rise
and stand
and feel your feet,
and every little cell of skin,
and underneath,
the ground they meet. . .

And, once your balance
has been found,
and your position felt and known,
you learn your own
respecting ways and places
that you want to grow
or get,
and you are ready for your trek
of mile on mile,
with lungs and heart
pulled in, pressed out
in steady flow
with comfort,
grace and style,

and your uncertainties
and doubts
will start
to shrink
and dissipate,
like clouds dispersed
by surly winds that roll in late,
so everything left in their wake
has been each which way
refreshingly ’round blown

and you have to do a double take
quite soon,
for you’ll be well upon your way
before you even realize,

you’re like a bird,
now freed,
that soars the skies,
that one day
from its coop had flown.

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