Every single
thing you do
make a difference.

Paths followed,
be they false or true,
blooms picked,
of red or yellow,
white or blue–

Each brings
a different kind
of tingling,
or other thing
you never felt
or knew,

which helps so much
to see you through,
as you continue
step by step,
until you’ve gone the distance. . .

And then,
with your new
vast and crystal clear, broad view,
you have the sight
to peer down through
the blue and white,
arced, swirling skies,
upon the bright marks
left by you
on this, your world,
through all the things
that, to it,
you have brought
and given. . .

Though now,
right where you are,
to see this
is too hard to do,
as you are still
bound to the Earth
and made blind by
life’s sundry,

But yes,
you’ll see
quite crystal clear
that strong light shone
by your own life–
in every smile
in every tear,
in every hope,
in every fear,
at every point along the way,

to you,
until that day,
it’s been kept
so well hidden,

as if held safely
in the dark,
and dwelling
in some quiet,
remote prison.

Yes– so well hidden,
that you’d think that light
quite far from you,
though it always was
the very heart of you,

but now,
living with the heavens’
other shining beings,

you’ve shucked
the shackles
binding us humans,
which keep us low
in our believings,

so that,
way up in the skies,
with your keen,
and brand new eyes,
you can see
what’s true–

that light
is really who
and what you are–

apart from you
it never was,
and isn’t.

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