Notice the ways
you are doing
and being
an excellent job
for your life. . .

If you can’t see them yet,
please do not fret–
just take one more sec
of attention immersion,
directed towards
how you’re always creating
the next
best, highest-you version,

And if that one sec
leaves your brain blank
and as strained as before,
with no more
of your
good-for-you ways
in your mind’s gaze
distinctly emerging,

take a break,
go do some other task
or find playful diversion. . .

and then,
try again later,
and later,
as you calm, concentrate,
and once more invite
into your mind’s sight
the good stuff you do
and you are–
especially for you–
that are great,
and feel right. . .

And eventually,
one day,
I think you’ll be able
to see
more and more
of all that you do and you are
to keep you and yours happy,
and you’ll feel yourself smile
you watch it come
slow and surely
to light.

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