And yesterday?–
Not here, no sense!–
Leave that aside,
direct more to the fore
your eyes,
for time is of the essence. . .

Take your present power,
take stock,
look at that fence,
and feel out,
careful, plank by plank,
just where
you must go, “Pow!”
to unblock the stickly obstacles,
and loosen your resistence.

Get out,
to catch sun’s light–
soak in
its every
life essential ray,

And move!
For that’s the way
to get
stuff done,
and your every action
and emotion to improve!

Don’t wait,
though, to linger
you have still
a quite strong yen,
you know
that life and time
won’t wait for you,
and all the things
that you might do
with this sacred,
precious moment,
you will never
get the chance
to choose among

And, as you go
through all these steps,
somewhere in between
move slow–
or stop–

take a few breaths,
and give big thanks
for all you’ve got,
and heard and seen
and done and been,

and pinch a little millisecond
to scribble one short post card off,
stick on a stamp,
with flowers
or some other
fun or pretty stuff,
and drop it in the next mail box,
with hugs and kudos
and congratulations

to your present, luminescent,
wondrous self
to send.

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