You look–
you think,
he’s far too meek,
too bold,
too young,
too old–

or has some lack,
has not, is not
enough of this,
the other thing,
or that. . .

But as a human,
man or woman
you can also
stare with
and into
your own eyes
there in the glass,

and recognize,
that you can spot
another person,
of any gender, color,
shape or age,
or face or size. . .

And though it’s sometimes hard–
if you just try,
grow patient,
you may come
to feel and see
that your opinion melts,

and, in place
of its rigidity,
floods in
a deeper love and truth dominion,
to let divisions fall
or pass
in some way else. . .

So you are open
to connection,
your beating heart,
and mind and eyes
will be delighted,
as all of you now clears
and grows
ever so much
better sighted–
your being
thus wondrously arighted,
stripped of former errors
and protections,
as well as bloated
and outdated,
entrenched rules and regulations. . .

Then, your new good fortune
and reality revised
will let you claim
a brand new era
of deeply pulsing,
bright surprise.

And what you
then can see
and therefore, do–
and be–

will so expand
in possibility,
that your very own
wide reach
now reaches to
the farthest skies.

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