Colors of the rainbow
come in your eye
from the time of day
you rise,
you wake,
and grow aware,
for one more
fresh, clean get-go!

Some days,
it seems,
hues enter quick–
the whole bright spectrum
opens big and wide and sudden,
as with one beat
on robust drum.

But, when clouds cloak
and gray sun’s rays,
those colors seem to lag and laze,
thus creeping in
to the core of
your seeing being,
one by one
to infiltrate your waking vision,
like a trail of snails slow.

Either way,
the day’s the time
for you to shine,
your life’s light
to glow and grow,
to think and feel,
and things
of many different kinds
for you to do–

what on Earth
do they add up to?

though oh-so-skillfully
we plan
and convincingly pretend,
in our best showcase
morning dance,

we cannot
at our waking time,
see clearly forward
in advance. . .

So, in the end,
with humble words and face,
we really cannot help but show
and freely,
openly admit
that, compared to us,
the Universe is great,
and while, this day,
much win we may,
just what and how
and even whether
that will come to be,

upon the hour we rise,
when we are honest,
we will finally come to say
we really, truly
don’t yet know.

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