Abundance. . .

you must feel
from deep within,

with clarity,

which grows with calm
and steady peace and surety,

along with
good, strong roots
in gut temerity–

to shake
the babble of the pundits,
and unwind
the tangle of their spins,

For it’s in so doing
that you claim
your time and space
with confidence
and deep sincerity,

and cast away
all bonds
that kept you
too long pinned,

to leave you room
to anchor in your sturdy roots
and also rise to unknown heights
in your regained capacity of flight,

which lets the span
across the whole darn world wide
straight through the door
to your deep being
enter in.

And that’s the real,
heartfelt stretch
that will make you feel
deeply rich,
whether anybody else
will ever stop
or cop to say,
“You win!”

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