Where and when you feel abundance,
let that abound. . .

But, where and when you feel scarcity,
just notice it can be quite fierce,
but, make it scarce,
with due alacrity–
don’t let it
get you down. . .

And, when you have anger,
express it, honest,
and with due compassion,
understanding and intelligence
don’t hold it long,
nor let it linger. . .

And, when sadness floods your heart and eyes,
just let it flow. . .

and feel the tears
come from your gut
right out sad eyes
to moisten all your fingers,

when comes fear
when paths roll unknown,
and leave unclear
your forward safety,
let ground rise up,
and hug itself
right to your ear,
so you can hear
your heart’s glub-dub,
to join with all your mental might,
so you dare embrace your chilling fright,
and thus, go on
to let it go. . .

for that will let
your true and deep vitality
as loose as it will need to be
to roam for you
and for posterity
and fill a sea of love and hope and light
to enough and ample height
so it will nourish an eternity
where future beings
have plenty room to prosper
and to grow.

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