Be good
to that little gal
who is yourself. . .

she needs
a trusty pal
more steady
than the only sometimes coming
magic elf. . .

And you are
the best friend
that she has anywhere,
whether near
or whether far,
and she really, really, REALLY
needs your help. . .

And if
you are not ready for her,
the question then becomes
just when and where
you’ll be there for her–

for really, truly,
all the love and care
she needs
can’t wait–

until you come,
she will stay stuck,
and lurk, quite cold,
outside the gate,

the time is now,
the way is do–
and do–
no matter how. . .

And the one to do
is you,
since, for this job,
there really isn’t
anybody else.

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