When sun comes up
and stubborn sleeps you rub
out from your eyes,

and then,
you stretch,
your back you scratch. . .

and, after a few early breaths,
you sigh some long
and waking sighs,

and make a plan
of what to do
this day–
and also why,

in which you choose
your day’s priority to-do’s
and larger, grander plan.

It’s vital
in so doing
that you
both honor your steadfast routine,
and dare to dive, as best you can,
into some flowing, unknown place,
sight quite unseen. . .

For, though
you know
that to accept and be content
with how your life is now
is of the essence,

it’s also true
when you walk a path
of fullest, conscious presence,

+++++you pause and breathe
+++++to honors olds
++++++++++with all their comfy
++++++++++hards and easies
++++++++++you go through

+++++while seeking also
++++++++++bright, though fearsome
++++++++++unknown news,

a crucial truth
slowly unfolds–

if when you
work and play and rest,
you aim each day
to do a few things
brave and bold
that you do not do
though it may feel like
a tough test,

you’re bound to reap
the many blessings
that roll in your way–
where all seemed dry,
abundantly they now do ooze–

and you’ll be
quite apt to see–
+++++if you peruse the telltale clues
+++++that your own
+++++new territory
+++++is clearing and reforming,
you’re absolutely right on track–

you really, truly
cannot lose.

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