Don’t put them on a pedestal–
for when they fall,
it will not spell,
for them, downfall,
but it may still,
by you, be felt
as your personal

And while they
may have a gift or two
that you have not yet
seen in you,

if you search yourself
with open eyes
and body still,
you will quite likely
be surprised–

for you’re great, too–
and you can quit
perpetuating them
in plaster.

And when another
meek somebody
seeks to place YOU
on a pedestal quite lofty,
try, though you may,
you can’t quite stop them,
if their need is of great size,

but, when from their constructed grace,
you fall,
quite near
your former revered idol’s place,
both you and they
breathe easy relief sighs–

for all of us are made,
those mundane miracles
we are,
just being beings
of the human race.

And while your idol
or the ones who in turn
see you
and start to idolize,
even after falling,
from pedestals
may still help much
to help you follow
your life’s calling,

both you and those
who somehow look much up to you,
by building guts
and feet
with which you and they
begin to stand and dare to do
and are understood by solid ground
on which both can save
love, honor, and respect,
from and to
each other and to self,
sprung from
a two way street
of saving face.

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