If there is a God,
then let her be my witness,

and let her testify
about the how’s,
the wherefore’s, and the why’s,
and the simple fact
of my existence,

and let her speak
to those unknowing, who just wait,
as well as those
who long ago
began an ardent quest to seek,
in some or other
earnest guise–

to all of them,
let her
the message send
of my unblemished,
endless soul intact,
and of its power,
with which
I’m more than apt
to rise,

and let her
give me
her good nod,
and cue my entry,
point me to
a place before
a boundless many
human eyes,

to let be seen
the gutsy heart
and feet
with which
I live and breathe
and trod,
and persevere,
though I let out
all too many
full and empty
weary sighs,
and must still face
oh so much
staunch resistance. . .

For with her,
and all of you,
with whom I stand
and hope to partner,
hand in hand
amid these endless twinkling stars
upon this finite earthly sod
I’m really, really
truly in this.

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