Hold that little animal
that is your own,
that is your body. . .

don’t eat it
like a cannibal–
ask it
what it wants and needs
to be happy,
to be steady. . .

stroke its soft and gentle fur,
if the conversation gets
too awkward
or too heady,

and keep an ear
out listening
for its purr
and a finger
for its goose bump gripping fear,

if it should seem
the effort
to see
eye to eye
in this moment’s
costing way too dear. . .

But just hold on,
and wait a bit,
for the calming
of the violent swirling
of your common
and destructive eddy,

Keep your needed
arm’s length distance,
but do whatever you can do
both to thine self
and to thine own loyal body
to stay quite loving
and quite true–

try to hold it
in your heart
and maybe even pray
a little for it, too–

till things between you
get more free and easy,

And, that happy day,
it will come to pass
that each of you
will have
the chance to speak
AND to be heard,
once you’ve spent
some good, separate quiet time
as two,

and, in the understanding
that you shall grow into,
together you can
talk of living on
as one–
when you’re both good and ready.

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