Open self–
insert love–
then look in. . .

See what you see–
the shifting
tinted pieces crystalline,
held up to light
with twisting
like a kaleidoscope,
the most important beauty
that you’ve ever seen,

so you I.D.
the swirl
of all the kinds of things
you truly need. . .

and do your best
to get those, too–

And, if it seems
just way too much
for you to do,
enlist some friends,
perhaps not all of them
the kinds you’d kiss,

but people good,
in sundry ways,
to help you move
your inner multicolor
bright and swirling chips,
and maybe even lift
your soul
from the great deeps of the abyss,
and up into
the highest reaches of the sky,

to make it possible for you
to fly
and get a taste
of sweetest bliss.

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