Pause and seek
a little space of ease,
in breath,
in heart,
in brain,
all body cells,
down through
to toes and knees,

Then let flow
all the feelings
that, inside,
began to grow,
some place and time
twixt now
and some
much earlier get-go,

and maybe, draw a little pic,
or point a camera,
or, of all things, a phone
toward some pretty little thing
to help you notice it a bit,
then click!

and that can give
the vital you
quite the refreshing airing,
which lights you up,
and may be also
suitable for sharing–
so you feel less alone. . .

or maybe, sing,
or write
upon some page
a little journal entry,
or a poem or a song,

and in doing,
you become
the overseer kind and strong
of your own well being,
as well as
its truly tireless
front line sentry,
standing firm and long–
the crew who guide you
to go straight
and keep your way
quite clear,
for one mile
or twenty,

and guard your heart,
so it feels safe
to open up
to grow and spread
with joy and happiness

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